Brand Development

Whether you are launching a new board or re – inventing an existing one, our team of creative and passionate designers will create an elegant and stylish identity for your brand. We develop a deep understanding of your products and your brand and then translate these ideas into a captivating visual identity. At Digital Drop, we think out of the box to give you innovative, captivating and vibrant ideas in designing, advertising and marketing fields.

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digital drop

Steps for Branding


Understand needs
Ask the questions
Provide timeframe & cost
Get the go-ahead


Define objectives
Dive into the deep end
Discuss findings
Determine the course


Sketch and specify
Create and collaborate
Refine and rework
Precision in pixels and paths


Code and connect systems
Set the stage
Test and test again
Train and content load


Schedule and set the scene
Gain the go-ahead
Launch and check
High fives all round


Revisit objectives
Undertake analysis
Present and provide insights
Set up support structure